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Programs & Partnerships

We are proud to continue to provide new and expanded opportunities for voter education and outreach throughout the community. Together through programs designed to enhance our services and by leveraging collaborative partnerships with engaged citizens and civic organizations, we will keep our commitment to increase voter participation, expand voter education, improve voting accessibility and enhance the voting experience. 

- Kim A. Barton, Alachua County Supervisor of Elections


Adopt A Precinct
Looking for a team building opportunity for your fraternity, sorority, civic group, organization members or employees? Want to raise funds for your favorite charity while serving your community? If you said "YES" then Adopt a Precinct may be the program for you. 

How it works. 
We need hundreds of well-trained and committed Poll Workers to conduct each election. You gather your team of civic-minded, Alachua County residents who meet the requirements to serve as Poll Workers and we provide the training and precinct assignments. After your team serves in the election, your team members donate their Poll Worker pay to your pre-approved charity! Companies can further encourage and support this civic engagement opportunity by providing Administrative or Paid Leave to allow their employees to serve as Poll Workers. Its a Win-Win opportunity for your club, business or organization to be Partners in Democracy, while providing a much needed service to the citizens of Alachua County. For further information, submit an Outreach Programs Form and select "Adopt a Precinct" in the program menu. 

Move The Vote
Move the Vote, is a free, non-partisan program through Kim A. Barton, Alachua County Supervisor of Elections (SOE), partnering with real estate professionals in the community to remind voters who have moved, to update their home address with the SOE. 

We provide you with free forms and brochures.  
Alachua County SOE provides voter registration forms and brochures to real estate professionals who may pass them on to their clients as a courtesy. It is the voter’s responsibility to complete the form and return it to the SOE office or contact the SOE office to make necessary record changes. As a program participant, you assume NO RESPONSIBILITY for collecting voter registration forms. You are only making the information and forms available to your clients as a courtesy. Some realtors may want to include this material in their buyer/seller “welcome packets” or “thank you packets” or may choose to make the forms and brochures available in their office or at closings.

Greater service to your clients. 
An updated voter registration including a current address, ensures your clients will be following the law and " Be Election Ready" to cast their ballots on Election Day without problems or delays caused by not having the correct address on file or showing up to the wrong precinct. 

A Partner in Democracy. 
You will receive a Move the Vote lapel pin and a window cling to advertise your participation in the Move the Vote program and to celebrate your commitment to being a Partner in Democracy. 

Register to Move the Vote. 
If you are a real estate professional and would like to register for this program, please submit an Outreach Programs Form and select "Move The Vote" in the program menu. 

Voter Registrations Drives
Let us be a part of your next event! Our knowledgeable staff and volunteers are available to set up our educational and entertaining booth at your indoor or outdoor event. We hold mock elections and invite visitors to test their Election Knowledge on our quiz board as well as provide a variety of voter services including: voter registration, updating name, address, or party affiliation changes, and requesting a vote by mail ballot. Subject to availability, we can also provide demonstrations of our voting equipment and ADA accessible features.  For further information, submit an Outreach Programs Form and select "Voter Registration Drives" in the program menu. 

Do you have an idea or suggestion for our department regarding Voter Outreach and Education? Please feel free to submit your comments and ideas through our Comments page.