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Book Closing

Book Closing is the last date you can register to vote to be eligible to vote in an upcoming election.

The Registration Books close 29 days prior to each Election. The Voter Registration Application must be either received at a designated Voter Registration Agency by the Book closing date or postmarked by the Book closing date.

However, if you are registered to vote in Florida and have moved, you may change your legal residence address at any time up to and including Election Day. Florida Law requires that you vote in the precinct in which you legally reside.

Primary Election

A Primary Election is when two or more candidates from the same political party desire to run for the same office to determine which one will have their name appear on the General Election Ballot.

A Primary Election is usually held about two months before a General Election. Only members of the party may vote for that party's primary, but non-partisan races and issues may also appear on the ballot - for which anyone may vote.


Qualifying is the week that declared candidates must file all of their paperwork to have their name appear on the ballot.

The qualifying period will vary depending on which office is sought. Each City sets its own qualifying period, and the State sets qualifying dates by law for Constitutional and State offices.

Run-Off Election

A Run-Off Election is a follow-up election held to determine a winner if no candidate receives a majority of the votes.

Run-Off Elections are held for city races if no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote. They are never held for State or Federal races.

Most Run-Off Elections occur two to three weeks after the original election.