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Unofficial Registration Mailings: Alachua County residents may be receiving pre-filled Voter Registration Forms in the mail. These forms are produced by a third party organization, and are not official notices from our office, nor are they based on information provided by our office. You may call our office, or use the My Registration Status tool at the top of this webpage if you wish to verify that your registration is up to date.

Don't forget to renew your request after every two General Elections to keep getting ballots.

Register to vote or update your current registration at
It’s secure, convenient and easy-to-use! Frequently Asked Questions can be viewed here.
Quick Facts regarding the online registration system can be viewed here.


If you need text from this website translated to Spanish, please use the Google Translate tool

Si usted es un votante que habla español  y requiere asistencia puede traer a alguien que lo ayude al precinto o al centro de votación anticipada



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