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Alachua County Precinct Finder

Please use the following service to locate the precinct associated with a valid residential address within Alachua County. 

Enter the house number and street name (do not include the street directional N/S/E/W). Valid street names that include the street number provided will appear. Select the appropriate full street name and zip code for your address of interest and click submit. Your precinct information will be displayed.


515 N Main St would be House Number: 515 Street Name: Main -You would not include the "N" Directional or the "St." Street type.

12 SE 1st Street would be House Number: 12 Street Name: 1st --You would not include the "SE" Directional or the "Street" Street type.

If you receive a note that "No matching address can be located..." this means that the street number provided does not exist in our system on any street with a name that begins with the one you provided.

Please Note: Precinct 23 now votes at City College. The American Cancer Society Hope Lodge was the former polling location and is no longer in use.