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Campaign Laws

Florida statutes provide for regulation of political campaigns and enforcement thereof. Jurisdiction to investigate and determine violations of Florida election laws is vested in the Florida Division of Elections and the Florida Elections Commission. Violations are subject to penalties. Visit the official website of the Florida Legislature, Online Sunshine, for more information.

Florida Statutes, Title IX: Electors and Elections
Note: These links will redirect you to the The State of Florida's Online Sunshine website.
Chapter 97: Qualification And Registration Of Electors
Chapter 98: Registration Office, Officers, And Procedures
Chapter 99: Candidates
Chapter 100: General, Primary, Special, Bond, And Referendum Elections
Chapter 101: Voting Methods And Procedure
Chapter 102: Conducting Elections And Ascertaining The Results
Chapter 103: Presidential Electors; Political Parties; Executive Committees And Members
Chapter 104: Election Code: Violations; Penalties
Chapter 105: Nonpartisan Elections
Chapter 106: Campaign Financing
Chapter 107: Conventions For Ratifying Or Rejecting Proposed Amendments To Constitution Of United States



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