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Just Kids

Online Sunshine for Kids Logo Online Sunshine for Kids provides a fun way for kids to learn about state symbols, state legislature, capital history, and gives a tour of the capitol and provides fun facts about the state of Florida.
PBS Kids Democracy Project Logo PBS Kids Democracy Project teaches kids the importance of voting, giving them a chance to cast their own ballot. "Learn how the government affects you, become president for a day, and vote inside a voting booth."
Ben's Guide Logo Ben's Guide is an Interactive guide to government for teachers, parents, and students K-12. Has just about everything relating to government"from information to monuments to games to songs-this site has it all!"
Kid's Voting USA Logo It's unique, it's fun and it works! Kids Voting USA combines dynamic, hands-on civics activities with an authentic voting experience to get students involved and ready to be active citizens.
Florida Department of State Logo The Florida Department of State for Kids site can provide information to help with school projects and assignments. Learn about Florida's history, symbols, capitol, governors and more!
The History Place Logo The History Place portrays pictures together with biographies of the United States 43 Presidents. It also lists some "Presidential Facts" and links to other historical sites.
Whitehouse Kids Logo Whitehouse Kids gives kids a direct link to the White House, providing news for kids, and allowing students to learn about the President and the White House. Also gives teachers access and ways to incorporate website into the classroom.
The Youth Leadership Initiative Logo The Youth Leadership Initiative (YLI) conducts the largest secure student-only on-line mock election in the nation, using electronic cyber-ballots tailored to each student's home congressional district.
Rock The Vote Logo Rock The Vote - Rock the Vote is a program that has teamed up with MTV and has given young adults the information and outlet to voice their views about the voting process. Logo - The official Kids' Portal for the US Government.