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Responsibilities of the Supervisor of Elections

The Supervisor of Elections is a Constitutional Officer and is elected countywide every four years.

The Supervisor of Elections administers Chapters 97 through 106 of the Florida Statutes. These are the Election Laws of the State of Florida.

Duties of the Supervisor of Elections:

  • Administer County, State and Federal Elections in Accordance with Applicable Laws

  • Provide Voter Outreach Education and Information as required by Florida Statutes

  • Recruit, Hire and Train Poll Workers

  • Qualify Candidates for Office

  • Administer the Provisions of the Campaign Reporting Laws

  • Provide Information and Statistics on Voter Registration, Voting and Elections Results

  • Maintain Custody of Financial and Election Records

  • Advise Board of County Commission on Equipment Procurement and Maintain Custody of all Election Equipment

  • Redistrict as Required by Law

  • Define Precincts and Assign Polling Places

  • Register Eligible Voters and Maintain Voter Rolls

  • Provide Assistance and Support for Municipal Elections